“Don’t settle for a website. Supercharge your business”

With MyyShopp I got much more than just a website. Now my customers can go online and buy directly from me. I can now show all my products, which makes my customers see more and buy more. I can run bundled offers and promotional campaigns on slow moving items and highlight fast moving items. I can offer special schemes which benefit specific customers.

“Go online in just 4 clicks”

It’s really fast. I am a grocer with nearly 10,000 products. With MyyShopp my 15 year old son got my shop online while my wife and I watched our favorite TV serial. The process is simple and self-explanatory. Just in case you get stuck, there is a personal assistance available.

“You drive the business. We help accelerate it.”

I had a website earlier but due to my busy schedule, I would rarely find the time to work with my website developer to update it. Technology is always changing and it was impossible for me to keep pace, not to mention the cost of updating it. With MyyShopp, I focus on my business and they take care of daily upkeep and improvements. I still maintain absolute control of my online presence but they help me navigate through the digital whirlwind.

“Fair prices & No hidden fees. Pay as you go.”

When you are trying to get your shop online I discovered that there were many hidden costs for basic features with other providers and that added up to a lot of money - e.g. extra cost for banners or number of products. Also you often ended up paying for things or features that you really don’t need. With MyyShopp you pay for what you choose and that’s it. No hidden fees or costs at all.

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